The Team is Hard at Work Preparing for the LAC (London Affiliate Conference)

Michelle Wilson

We were already excited for the London Affiliate Conference, which was going to be the largest one held up to that point, long before we arrived in Berlin for the conference. To say we are excited about it would be an understatement; rather, to say we are overjoyed about it would be an exaggeration.

In both senses of the word, we are looking forward to it. The LCB team has been hard at work for quite some time preparing to make the most of this extremely important industry event. Nik and Ema are acutely aware of the opportunities that a large-scale event such as this presents; everything is there, concentrated in 45,000m2, providing us with the unique opportunity to have the entire industry at our fingertips (and no, we do not mean the keyboard). 

Melanie Attwell was intimately involved in all aspects of the conference’s preparation and is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Melanie Attwell’s poise and professionalism have been invaluable in the past, but they will not be on our side this time.

Nonetheless, she played an important role in ensuring that everything went smoothly. Furthermore, the team is looking forward to the Awards dinner, which will be held for the first time at no cost to any operators or affiliates and about which they are very excited. We will be seated next to Affiliate Edge, one of our wonderful long-term partners; we are confident that we will have a good time, as we always do (it is impossible to fall asleep when seated next to Martyn and Stephen)! 

When attending conferences, the LCB staff prefers to stay in Airbnb accommodations rather than official hotels. This is due to the fact that Airbnb accommodations allow us to avoid the commotion that occurs at official hotels, as well as the onslaught of casino programs that are typically available in those hotels.

Furthermore, Airbnb accommodations are less expensive. This method has also been shown to be more cost-effective, especially when two or more people register for the conference at the same time. We are all avid travelers here at LCB, and when we visit a new city, we try to immerse ourselves in it as if we were locals. As a result, we are constantly looking to book accommodations in the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods, which are typically filled with trendy restaurants and cafes that are easily accessible on foot. We despise being forced to stay in inconvenient areas like Amsterdam’s conference and industrial districts, where it’s difficult to walk around and everything is a significant distance apart. 

We’ve already scheduled half of our appointments, and we can’t wait to meet our current and potential new business partners to show them how far we’ve come with our innovative ideas, inventive approaches, and new look. We can’t wait to show them how far our innovative ideas, inventive approaches, and new look have brought us.

The LCB team schedules meetings for no more than thirty minutes, and they take one lunch break of the same length to refuel with food and catch their breath during the workday. Melanie, our extremely productive and well-organized marketing manager, devised the concept for this system, which is intended to produce the best results possible. She is also responsible for the system’s name, which is a play on the word “system.” Nik takes a more relaxed and laid-back approach, which results in the formation of long-lasting friendships as well as professional ties. 

It gives us great pleasure and a sense of accomplishment to highlight the achievements of and, as well as to present the obvious potential that both sites bring to all of those who are involved in their operations. This is something that we are happy and proud to be doing, which is why we are doing it.

The website will have an easy-to-navigate structure, a forum that was developed especially for the website, and a design that is responsive. A pamphlet that we will be distributing will contain detailed information regarding all of the services that we can provide. What you see on this page is just a small portion of everything that we have to offer.

Our strategy includes things like holding meetings that are succinct, productive, and efficient, which will lead to even better future collaboration; strengthening the professional and personal bonds that we already have with a large number of prominent and well-known names in the industry; networking; and always being present in the moment, observant, and ready to learn and advance in one’s career. All of these things will lead to an even better future collaboration.

Everyone who has not yet registered to attend the LAC should do so as soon as possible because it is regarded as the most important event of the year and is free for affiliates to attend.