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There Will Be 18 Statistics About Canadian Board Game Players

Michelle Wilson

How entertaining board games can be is one of the things that we rediscover as the most popular activity all over the world. These games provided us with a much-needed distraction from reality as well as a healthy dose of enjoyable activity in which the entire family could participate. 

These games are no longer just dusty boxes in our closets; they are currently experiencing a surge in popularity. We looked into some interesting data about board games to get you back in the game. 

The Top 10 Board Game Statistics in 2022, as well as Some Other Interesting Data 

Trivial Pursuit was created and developed by two Canadian board game enthusiasts. Because of the popularity of Trivial Pursuit, many Canadians were inspired to create board games. Monopoly came perilously close to never being produced. The most popular board game for Canadians to play during the winter holidays is Monopoly. The earliest known version of a board game dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. The market for board games is expected to grow significantly by 2020. Yahtzee was invented by two wealthy Canadians, according to statistics on Canadian board games. 

Crokinole was first discovered in Ontario 

  • Ottawa hosted its first checker’s competition in the latter half of the nineteenth century. 
  • Hasbro had its most profitable year in well over a decade. 
  • Board Game Information That Is Interesting 
  • You may be unaware that board games have been around for much longer than you think. For example, the board game Monopoly has been in use for over a century. 
  • Let’s go! If you want to know when the first Monopoly game was released and which board game is the most historically significant.

Also, have a look at the following section: 

1. The first known version of a board game dates back to ancient Mesopotamia

It may surprise you to learn that the oldest board game still in use dates back 4,600 years to ancient Mesopotamia and was invented there. 

Do you enjoy reading books about the history of board games? If this is the case, you might be interested to know that the first set of rules for a game was devised in the year 177 BC by an astronomer. The game is known as “The Royal Game of Ur,” and it is still possible to play in modern times. 

2. The board game Monopoly was on the verge of being discontinued 

Monopoly is a popular board game that is played all over the world. However, due to widespread agreement among reviewers that it was overly drawn out and difficult to follow, production was on the verge of being canceled. 

According to board game popularity statistics, it has been one of the best-selling games for many decades. Since the game’s initial release in 1935, approximately 275 million copies have been sold, according to Hasbro, the company that currently produces the game. 

3. Pandemic is another well-known board game that is currently popular

This game is a little too close to home for many people, especially in light of the obstacles and difficulties we’ve been facing recently. Despite this, the general public is obsessed with the pandemic. 

According to Amazon’s board game statistics, it ranks third, just behind Monopoly and Clue. It’s not your typical game in the sense that you and the other players aren’t fighting each other; instead, you’re working together to stop the spread of a deadly disease. 

4. Canadians enjoy playing Monopoly the most during the winter season

According to the findings of statistics about board games in Canada, 49% of Canadians who participated in a study conducted by Ruby Fortune stated that Monopoly was their preferred game to play during the winter holidays. The word game Scrabble came in second on the list, with 38 percent of respondents saying it was their favorite. 

Did you know you can get a Monopoly game that’s personalized with the names of streets and landmarks in your city? This section contains information on cities that have their version, well-known games created by Canadians, and other amusing random facts about board games. 

In the year 2020, the province of Ontario had 35 doll, toy, and game manufacturing establishments. This was followed by the provinces of Quebec (31) and British Columbia (31). (35). (13). Furthermore, research on board games conducted in the year 2020 revealed that 91 establishments in Canada manufactured dolls, toys, and games. 

6. Trivial Pursuit was created by two Canadians who were interested in board games

In the 1980s, two Canadians decided to turn their passion into a profitable commercial venture. While Chris Hanney and Scott Abbott were playing Scrabble, they noticed that several letters were missing. They were irritated that they had wasted $11 on an incomplete game, so they decided to create their own and sell it for a profit. They came up with the basic concept for their brand-new game, Trivial Pursuit, in less than 30 minutes. 

7. In the late 1800s, the city of Ottawa hosted its first-ever checker’s competition

According to board game market figures, Checkers is the board game with the second-highest sales worldwide. Competitions were held as early as the nineteenth century, according to evidence. The city of Ottawa hosted its first Checkers competition in 1877, with a total of 26 competitors. 

8. Work on hyper-localized Canadian versions of the board game Monopoly has begun 

Outset Media Games is developing new versions of the Monopoly board game based on Canadian cities and towns. The localized versions of these board games are known as “Prince Albert-opoly,” and they are played in over forty Canadian cities. Outset Media Games’ sales figures for board games show that it is one of their best-selling board games; 400 copies were sold in the first two weeks. 

9. If you live in British Columbia, you’ll have a lot of fun with the Burnaby-opoly 

In collaboration with Walmart, Outset Media Games created the board game Burnaby-opoly. Some of the most well-known Burnaby locations are included in the game. 

This board game allows you to travel around the board and visit well-known locations such as the Burnaby Public Library, Amazing Brentwood retail center, Deer Lake Park, and others. 

10. Following Trivial Pursuit’s success, several Canadians attempted to create their board games 

You might be surprised to learn that Canadians invented a wide range of board games, which is something to keep in mind if you’re looking for interesting board game trivia. 

At the end of the 1980s, Canada had “more game creators per capita” than any other country. “Shaman,” a trivia game about Native American peoples, is one of the lesser-known titles. 

11. Crokinole was born in the Canadian province of Ontario

Crokinole comes from the French word crokinole, which means “to flick something with one’s finger.” It was developed in France. Eckhardt Wettlaufer is said to have invented the Crokinole board in 1876 and gave it to his son as a birthday present. 

12. Board game sales will begin in 2020

It is easy to understand why board game sales increased in 2020 as a result of widespread restrictions and lockdowns that occurred all over the world. Continue reading to find out which Netflix shows contributed to the growth of the chess sector, as well as other board game sales statistics and information. 

Hasbro is a multinational corporation that primarily manufactures toys and board games. Their ongoing production of popular board games such as Trivial Pursuit, Risk, Cluedo, and Monopoly, among others, has contributed to the company’s long-term success. 

According to board game sales statistics for the year 2020, Hasbro earned more than $6.6 million and had its best annual net revenue in the previous 14 years. 

13. Chessboard sales increased by more than 200 percent as a result of a popular Netflix show

Chessboard sales have increased by 215 percent since “The Queen’s Gambit” became available on Netflix in October 2020, according to eBay statistics and trends for its board games category. 

Due to the success of both the show and the accompanying video game, book sales increased by 75 percent in the first two weeks following the show’s premiere in Canada. 

14. The board game market is expected to grow significantly by 2020

Some businesses benefited from the epidemic, and the board game industry was one of them. According to statistics compiled by the board game industry, the market will grow by 20% by 2020 as a result of consumers seeking novel ways to “detox” from their technological devices. 

Not every board game, however, was a commercial success. In most cases, the more classic and well-known board games achieved higher and faster sales. Spin Master, a Canadian toy and entertainment company, reported a 25% increase in sales in the United States. 

15. Board game sales have increased for Montreal businesses

According to data collected from board game stores in Montreal between 2020 and 2021, sales increased to the point where owners were having difficulty keeping up with customer demand. 

Concerns about the postal service and the possibility of lockdowns prompted many people to finish their Christmas shopping much earlier than usual and to shop online instead. Aside from a significant increase in board game sales, other popular holiday products included puzzles and sports trading cards. 

It’s easy to dismiss the possibility of a board game motivating a university course, but it happened. Learn more about the role that the board game Pandemic played in the development of a university course, as well as who created the game Yahtzee. 

16. The popular board game Pandemic influenced a course at a Canadian university

According to board game performance data, the appropriately named game Pandemic became a massive hit in the year 2020. As a result, a professor at Dalhousie University was inspired to create a new program. 

Associate Professor Robert Huish devised the concept for a new course that incorporates analogous game components and guidelines. Professor Huish hopes that by participating in research and collaborative projects, his students will be able to understand how to stop the spread of COVID-19 and other pandemics. 

17. According to Canadian board game statistics, Yahtzee was created by two wealthy Canadians

Yahtzee is so well-known that it is often referred to as the “grandfather of all current dice games.” The popular game was invented in 1954 by a wealthy Canadian couple whose names have never been revealed as a way to entertain company while sailing on their boat. 

According to information gleaned from board game trivia, Edwin S. Lowe purchased the rights to the “yacht game” in 1956. This time-honored board game, now owned by Hasbro, has sold over fifty million dollars in merchandise worldwide. 

18. Nova Scotia residents will go to extraordinary lengths to win a board game

No one else in Canada comes close to Nova Scotians’ level of competitiveness. Statistics for board games played in Canada show that Canadians are the most likely to argue with and berate their opponents. 

If you want to relax and have a good time, New Brunswickers are the best people to play a game with. 


After a year of lockdowns and uncertainty, it’s not surprising that many Canadians sought solace in board games to relieve stress. Similarly, while playing video game systems such as Nintendo, some people seized their controllers and became disoriented. 

Because of the growing trend of people working from home as the world continues to recover, the number of people playing board games may increase in 2022. We hope you had as much fun as we did learning about the various games and trends that were previously discussed. Leave a comment below with your favorite games, and we’ll be sure to check them out.