Tools of the Trade for Casino Victory

Michelle Wilson

The fact that I publish something new about the Las Vegas gambling scene once a week fascinates some people and, to be honest, probably scares others. Some see it as an excuse to take the easy way out. I’ll simply list a few of the tools I use in my work for you to assess on your own. 

Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas? 

Although giving gaming advice in Las Vegas may appear to be a simple task at first glance, the reality is that it is not. Even for a native like myself, sorting through all of the appealing offers, deals, and solicitations can be difficult. “What exactly is the point of it all?” “What’s the real story here?” “How do I come out on top?” “Should we go vertical or rock climbing?” “Do you know how this building is laid out?” What should I wear to the Naughty Ms. Claus Party, which will be held at Green Valley? These and a plethora of other questions keep me awake at night. I’m talking about days. 

The good news is that I know where to go for help, and you, my lucky readers, are about to learn a few of my trade secrets. Now, for the astonishingly low price of nothing! You have the chance to obtain something that others have received for next to nothing. At least not yet. 

This is pure gold, but I haven’t figured out how to package it yet, and to make matters worse, the deadline has crept up on me yet again. 

Sports bettors in Las Vegas frequently use short pencils as one of their essential tools of the trade

First and foremost, The Las Vegas Sun is my go-to newspaper for in-depth reporting with a dash of hometown flavor. They cover more than just the casino industry, but as with most things in a small town (and remember, this is a very small town), it’s almost all related. This also applies to other industries. In addition, each issue of the Las Vegas Business Press is delivered to me. 

Second, is fantastic! My main concern is that their paid membership service, “The Insider,” will expand and eat up all of the excellent free commentary and game-by-game previews and analysis currently available for the National Football League, National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball.

The posting of their injury reports is frequently delayed; however, if you read the most recent game analysis for the team (or teams) in question, the information is usually all there., as a great barometer of John Q. Public’s emotional favoritism, frequently provides valuable clues as to when the underdogs should be reconsidered. I have deviated from this strategy in recent weeks with my NFL picks, and as a result, I have paid the price. is the third piece of advice. Excellent news and analysis, but don’t forget to check out the ODDS tab for your favorite sport. There is some math involved, but this is some of the data that bookmakers use to post odds on almost everything. There are a lot of advertisements, and I’m sorry, but there is some math. 

Fourth tip: consult The Wizard of Odds. Do you want to play video poker but not with real money? Are you wanting some pointers on how to play the best? Do you want to put your knowledge of craps to the test without putting any of your own money at risk? Because this website is so addictive, I recommend that you disregard this piece of advice. Just don’t blame me if you end up unemployed because you can’t stop wasting your fictitious money on gambling. 

For all of you poker players out there, I find that practicing on is a fun way to improve my game 

But I never gamble with real money because I believe that it is far too easy for one player or a group of players to influence the outcome of a game when it is played with real money. This is why I never gamble with real money. (A single player may have multiple log-ins and therefore be aware of more of the initial cards dealt; alternatively, a group of players may be playing at the same table and comparing their cards over the phone when you compete against one of them.) “A single player may have multiple log-ins and thus be aware of more of the initial cards dealt.”

I am aware that playing for “fun money” and playing for “real money” is not the same thing, and that playing live is a very different experience from playing video games while sitting at your desk in the comfort of your home. You should not even think about playing live for real money before you have a proven track record of winning games played with play money. Playing live for real money can be extremely risky. I’d tell you to search for my handle, but I try to keep my identity concealed whenever it’s practical for me to do so.